Like killer whales and garden peas, underwriters with yellow insurance giant Uvavu will henceforth be hanging out in pods. It’s all part of the very exciting redeployment of the many millennia of underwriting expertise Uvavu commands in the UK exclusively revealed in Bankstone News 159.

To help achieve such previously stated aims as “joining everything up”, “putting the right people in the right places” and “putting the right specialists where they’re needed most”, Uvavu’s underwriters are now to be packaged up in pods which will be placed on the ground, thereby significantly reducing a regrettable former reliance on hubs.

When not reviewing its options, Bankstone News likes nothing better than to gaze absent-mindedly at its own navel (hint: use a mirror or you’ll get a stiff neck after a bit). In a similar vein, Uvavu, it seems, likes to contemplate its own footprint.

Uvavu blog queen Janice Deakin told Insurance Times this week that “the insurer had been looking at its footprint as part of the strategy focus”. “We’ve had a look at our footprint,” she explained, “and we’re pretty much maintaining it as it is.” Coincidentally this is more or less the view Bankstone News has generally taken on its navel – aside from fishing out the odd crum of dried skin, toast, lint etc.

Although – hang on – there’s a couple of exceptions to the as-it-is leaving mentioned above. There’s great news for Cambridge, where Uvavu is to open something called an “office” (which will apparently contain between 5 and 10 people), Deakin reveals, but a slightly less positive outlook elsewhere.

Insurance Times reports that Uvavu “is to close two offices in Northampton and Luton which contain 41 staff.” Presumably the 41 staff will be allowed out first.

If they do get out of the building OK, and if they fancy a move to Cambridge, they yet could end up as one of the 5 to 10 people with a job there. Or perhaps if they know a bit about IT, they could stay to help out with that side of things: “We are investing in new systems and a lot of work is going on,” Deakin confirms vaguely: “they’ll be opportunities”.

So, basically, they’ll be fine.


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