Bankstone’s charity fundraising plans received an unexpected fillip this week when it emerged that Little Lord Chancellor George Osbore is extending gift-aid type top-ups to money collected in tins, buckets etc. There will be crowd-pleasing 25% added by the Treasury on top of anything raised in cash above £20. So that’s good, then.

But more to the point: have you given generously yet to Medieval Monkeys 2012. Have you? No, have you, though? It’s remarkably simple – you just click on the JustGiving box below left where it says donate, and contribute whatever you can.

Your £250 will help the Yorkshire Air Ambulance get injured folk to hospital before they expire. And it’s not just Yorkshire people they save. They’ve even been known to take the odd Lancastrian. On a quiet day. Point is: cough up.

There’s an option to leave a comment when you donate online, but hilarious abuse is strictly optional. We’re really just interested in your money.

While you’re there you can watch our hilarious trailer video featuring clips from last year’s event.

Latest news on preparations for MM2012 are that the dashing Duke of Jones (as previewed last week) has had a new engine fitted. The asthmatic 125cc unit has been replaced with a fire breathing 140cc lump producing twice as much horsepower!

The Duke’s suped up steed was put through its paces on the dynamometer at the workshops of Kent-based OO Racing, where Adrian and his team have kindly been sorting out the Jonesmobile.

The resulting beast produces 14 bhp which, combined with changing the gearing, will dramatically improve its performance, and even give the Duke a sporting chance of making it up the Rosedale Chimney Bank without getting off and pushing like everyone else!

Early next week, btw, we’ll be sending out a special edition of Bankstone News entirely devoted to the forthcoming Insurance Endurance karting event – about which we have exciting news.

For a change.


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