Some of you may be asking yourselves who or what exactly is Bankstone News and what is it doing acting as handpicked media partner to a respectable event like Insurance Endurance.

Well, as a matter of fact, Bankstone News will have you know we are a highly respected weekly-emailed online source of 100% reliable factual information about all things insurance related – motor insurance in particular – but, frankly, it’s all a bit random in practice.

Regular Bankstone News subscribers know they can count on a fresh selection of badly misconstrued re-workings of other people’s news-gathering efforts being delivered to their inbox sometime between lunchtime and home-time on a Friday afternoon – PLUS… absolutely FREE access to our exhausting archive of insurance news past and present (well, mostly past, actually, come to think of it) stretching back to 2005 or something ridiculous.

Think of any of the big insurance stories of recent years [can we supply some examples here?] [not really] and, literally, there is probably not one of them that has been covered IN DETAIL in the (virtual) pages of Bankstone News.

Now that you know all this, you’re sure to want to continue receiving the many benefits of being a Bankstone News subscriber, and, indeed, to TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Signing up is just as easy as can be. Simply go here and do a bit of typing and clicking and stuff.

Want to meat the Bankstone News team in the flesh? Well, then, we have exciting news: there’s talk of Bankstone News entering its very own all-star team in Insurance Endurance this year alongside the main Team Bankstone.

More on that in future editions!


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