Frankly Bankstone News is at a loss to understand why you are still asking these idiotic questions. But since you are, Bankstone News supposes there is really no alternative other than to spell it out for you very very simply…

  • Daytona Milton Keynes is ONLY the UK’s ultimate outdoor karting venue!
  • It ONLY boasts two exceptional race tracks complemented by excellent hospitality and conferencing facilities!
  • It’s in Milton Keynes. Which is good. No, honestly, it’s centrally located and easy to get to and everything and there’s fleshpots aplenty in the nearby and conveniently grid-like town centre for your après-kart delight.
  • Most importantly, DMK is home to Insurance Endurance the UK’s most exciting participatory motorsports event for insurance people involving karts.

Insurance Endurance offers you all this:

  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • The chance to mix with anyone who is everyone in insurance
  • Outstanding corporate entertainment bang for buck
  • If IE doesn’t bond you, nothing will!
  • A rich source of humorous anecdotal material fro future reference
  • Some proper fun for a change
  • You’ll be really sorry if you don’t go and then you have to listen to everyone else’s crazy stories
  • A commemorative team hat or fleece, if you are lucky
  • A trophy if you and the rest of your team are lucky and/or good at karting
  • A chance to find out whether those new 70mph prokarts are really safe
  • An opportunity to take the wheels off an old F1 car
  • An outlet for all your pent up frustrations
  • One of the most pleasurable experiences known to man
  • The prospect of a new nickname honouring your failings as driver/human being
  • A high-octane alternative to golf
  • More glamour than Monte Carlo’s Rendez-Vous de Septembre
  • More karts than Brands Hatch
  • More slippy-slidy corners than a jar full of dice in olive oil
  • A chance to show off and/or make a tit of yourself
  • Counts towards your CPD (better check that with the CII)
  • Somewhere else to be on a Friday
  • A chance to learn new things about yourself and your business associates
  • Deliverance from the temptations of alcohol
  • Burgers and stuff

If that doesn’t convince you, Bankstone News honestly can’t be bothered with you!


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