When Bankstone News first heard – down the Badgers last night, as it happens – that a large number of cars had been severely damaged in the Leicestershire area by giant hailstones. Our initial response was “That’s queer – he’s been dead these fourteen year!”

Following loud and mirthful clarification from all and sundry, Bankstone News was hardly less surprised to learn that ice balls the size of apricots had rained down motor claims mayhem from on high than had the 50-stone wrestling legend really come back from the dead with a grudge against motorised transport.

Surely, Bankstone News thought, no one’s seen anything like this for years – or possibly ever. This thought was only confirmed upon reading the following comments from Adrain Weeb of Esure in the pages of the Independent newspaper: “We’ve not seen anything quite like this before – none of the underwriters or claims handlers have dealt with giant hailstones before.

“We have had people calling saying ‘my car bonnet looks like a golf ball’” Weeb continued, presumably in the sense of being dimpled – rather than in the sense of being spherical and roughly the size of an apricot or giant hailstone.

Also quoted in the Independent article was a spokesbeing for Alcoholics Anonymous who said they’d received 29 claims for ice ball damage within half and hour of “a freak hailstorm lasting just five to 10 minutes in Leicestershire at lunchtime.” Admiral claimed 50 claims in just an hour.

The newspaper went on to quote twitter’s LL Cool A, who twatted: “1pm – its dark, there’s thunder, there’s lightning, there’s rain, there’s wind and there’s hailstones the size of golf balls! #ImScared.” Pussy!

For literally amazing pictures and videos of yesterday’s freak weather visit the This is Lestershire website here.


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