Anyone who missed Tuesday’s special edition of Bankstone News on the forthcoming Insurance Endurance karting competition will be relieved to know that all the stories contained therewithin are still available for your perusal at leisure simply by clicking the News heading in the menu bar above and scrolling about a bit. In the meantime, here’s a very brief highlights thingy.

Anyone who is anyone (that’s everyone, presumably) will be at Daytona Milton Keynes on 7 September for the grueling six-hour ordeal-a-thon that is Insurance Endurance – and having a damn good time while they’re about it, thank you very much!

You must do this also. It’s insanely competitively priced, at just £1040 plus VAT, so you have no possible excuse for missing out on this outrageously superb corporate hospitality, networking, high-speed fun-having opportunity.

To avoid disappointment, book immediately by clicking here and don’t expect too much from life.

Want to know more? Invest in an encyclopaedia.


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