Every year British motorists flush a princely £3.1bn quite literally down a metaphorical lavatory by neglecting to switch motor insurer. That was the startling claim this week from totally disinterested price comparison site MonkeySupermarket.com.

A shocking one in five drivers remain knownobetterishly loyal to their current insurer each year and simply allow their annual policies to autorenewicise! Not only is this a senseless waste of money, it also surplenishes motorsurers’ already prebursticating coffers, encouraging them to competifize ever more recklessly with luresome premiums for the one in four who do switch annually.

MonkeySupamarket.com claims that eight million insurees could save £404 each if they “shopped around”. The only thing is, it suddenly occurs to Bankstone News, that if everyone changed insurer every year, might there not be some kind of impact on the luresomeness of the deals motorsurers were prepared to offer “new” customers?

Much as the laziness and complacency of people who neglect to “shop around” may irk the Supermarketeers, as things stand these individuals are surely the only thing stopping motorsurers from doing the exact same thing as those tigers in the formerly-charming children’s tale that inadvertently gave the world the racial slur sambo i.e. turning into a dairy product of extremely brief shelf life in the sweltering heat of Southern India.


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