With Bankstone supremo Dickon Tysoe away on holiday this week, Bankstone News reckons it can get away with some pretty brief stories in this week’s edition. Far too busy touring the cultural highlights of Southern Spain to care about such things, he’ll probably never notice if we skimp a bit on quantity this week. And you, Dear Reader, probably won’t either. And if you do, you might even be glad of a whiff of brevity about this week’s edition.

For a while now BN readers, quite literally sick and tired of the our needlessly time-consuming meandering style, have been crying out for something a bit more pithy. Intially such demands met with puzzlement amongst the Bankstone News editorial team. What is this pith everyone is asking for? We’d heard fellow drinkers at the Badgers muttering about being off in search of it – only to return a minute or two later apparently empty handed.

When the penny finally dropped, it came as music to our ears. What prospect could be more appealing than the chance to get our weekly news round-up finished quicker and have more time down the Badgers on the fruit machines?! In fact, why not push the envolope a bit on this one and reduce all next week’s stories to a single sentence so as to impinge as little as possible on our busy readers’ frantic Friday afternoons!

Ah… call just in from Jerez. Apparently, they do still have the internet in Spain and all stories will be of a “normal and acceptable” length in next week’s and subsequent issues.


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