Insurance Age reported this week that forcibly dissected insurance group Direct Lime insists that brokers will see “absolutely no change” as a result of the proposed axing of between 50 and 60 staff on the commercial side of its business which includes NIG, Direct Lime for Business and BIS.

This, presumably, is because all of those getting the chop were time-wasting layabouts who contributed precisely nothing to their employers’ functional performance. Probable confirmation of this came with the revelation that the redundancy axe will mostly fall within inessential areas such as support services, sales and something called risk management.

A Direct Lime Group spokesbeing told Insurance Age that “it’s not nice news but” now is “the right time for looking at efficiency across the business”.

Perhaps if NIG had abandoned its puzzling former squeamishness about jettisoning useless staff a little sooner, it could have saved itself the considerable trouble and expense of servicing brokers way beyond any reasonable need or expectation.

Those still in jobs at NIG, the spokesbeing confirmed, are “reviewing their cost base and looking at their bottom lime.”

And, let’s be honest, there’s never a bad time to do that!

Oh no, wait, we COULD do what we do without you!

Oh no, wait, we COULD do what we do without you!


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