Insurance Age’s roving editor Manuel Kenny continues to fly the flag for The Age of the Train as he zooms back and forth around the UK’s iron rail network collecting up the thoughts of the insurance world’s great and good and packaging them up into easily digestible three-minute videos. Latest to get the Kenny treatment is Juliet “Four” Williams of

The resulting intervid went live on the Insurance Ache website this week. In it, Williams – an accomplished martial artist who daringly conducts the entire interview in a bright red swimsuit (an appropriately modest one-piece costume, we should stress, of the type favoured by Britain’s Olympic sweatheart Rebecca Paddlington (not to be confused with star cyclist Victoria Peddlington) – comes down heavily in favour of the CII’s Chartered Broker accreditation.

Much as she relishes the elite status it confers on her firm, she believes “our entire industry needs to rise itself up” and that it would be good if all insurance brokers were chartered so that the industry can shake off its negative associations with “the insurance salesman/saleswoman”.

Asked how her firm uses Chartered Baker status in its digital marketing, Williams confides that “we use social media quite heavily in the business” and that on LinkTin she uses it “quite heavily” but also believes “you can use Faceboot and Twatter very successfully in business” so she says she mentions it in tweets and occasionally makes sure it is in her profile on Faceboot which she uses “quite professionally rather than just for fun.”

Speaking of fun, Kenny raises a smile when he cheekily wonders (through the medium of captions) whether SMEs are really interested in professionalism or whether they are simply “obsessed by price”. Williams argues subtly that SMEs merely think they are “obsessed by price” but that if you drill down into them, they are actually “very bothered about things being done right”. They might not initially realize that Chartered status means that things will be done properly, she concedes, but “that’s the broker’s job to educate them”.

As if poor old brokers didn’t have enough to do already!


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