Some are born with unfortunate names, some achieve unfortunate names, and some have unfortunate names thrust upon them.

Yutree Insurance Ltd, who this week announced having poached Cecil Parkinson from Bluefin, was not born with an unfortunate name – a slightly odd one you might think – but not specifically unfortunate – not like Chastity Bullock, Tokyo Sexwale, Attracta Baltitude or Richard Hardon.

Nor did it achieve an unfortunate name all by itself like Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Thrash, Tyranosaurus Rex Mullens, Romanceo Sir Tasty Maxibillion or P Diddy.

All poor old Yutree did was pick a name last year that sounds an awful like the name picked this year by the Metropolitan police (now then, now then) for their investigations into the roguish child molesting antics of Sir James of Savile (as it ‘appens) and his very good friends Sir Gareth of Glitter, Sir Frederick of Starr and others.

Both Yutree and Operation Yewtree appear to have taken their nomenclatorial inspiration from that ancient and poisonous (though once considered sacred) arboreal stalwart of graveyards up and down the land, the yew (tree).

Although – quite conceivably, given that their logo includes a Chinese character (curiously, one signifying ‘adversity in old age’) – the insurance firm may have had in mind as their inspiration not the yew, but the Himalayan shrub Yu (magnolia chupachupa) known for its pungent foliage and supposed aphrodisiac qualities.

Or perhaps its founding triumvirate were having a private joke about being collectively addressed by a native of the Emerald Isle.

As if Bankstone News would have the faintest idea!


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