Bankstone News reader Peter Blundell wrote in this week complaining about faulty fact checking in last week’s story Fowl play suspected, which concerned Oval’s major new poultry farming client in East Anglia. In his letter Mr Blundell makes some complicated points about Bernard Manning not really being from Norfolk and how his turkeys were not really turkeys at all – but were actually jokes. It all went a bit over Bankstone News’ head to be honest. But we apologize for the lapse all the same. Our fact checkers have been put on high alert to make sure we do not include any more of them in this or future editions.

And now – as promised in our headline – we bring you a not-to-be-missed opportunity to win a genuine Appleberry scarf (see previous editions) in the colours of your favourite team (or indeed some other team, should you so wish). All you have to do is identify the two well-known (not to say notorious) industry figures pictured in the annotated newspaper clipping (now sadly invisible – just to add to challenge) that used to be featured below (under the arrows marked 1 and 2), which shows two people in the crowd on the never-to-be-repeated occasion of Manchester City clinching the Premiere Ship League Title back at the rear end of last season. Think you know who they are? Simply email [email protected] with the correct answer – or one we like better – and you could be the lucky winner of the aforementioned Appleberry scarf.

With wicked winter winds a-whipping round naked napes left right and centre, Bankstone News reckons that’s a pretty attractive offer. If you are worried about being mistaken for a rugby fan or something, Bankstone’s Dixon Tysore has test-driven his one at the recent WBA-Newcastle clash and reports experiencing no more jeering than usual. So what are you waiting for – start taking blind guesses as to who might have been pictured in the missing image below. You won’t win anything because the competition ended years ago – but far be it from Bankstone News to spoil your competition entering fun.



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