Yes, another competition! But you’ll like this one. Bankstone News is offering you a genuine opportunity to win a genuine Luxury Christmas Hamper from a top gentleperson’s grocery outlet – and all you have to do is nab us a couple of new subscribers.

Here’s how it works: tell your friends, associates, family – whoever really, we’re not fussy – to go to our newsletter sign-up page – and sign up. Here’s the complicated bit: when they do they will see three fields to fill in. The first says Email Address. In this box they enter their email address. So far so really not very hard. But here’s the twist… there are two further fields to complete. In the first of these, labelled First Name, they write their own first and last names or basically anything else they feel like – because the important bit – as far as you are concerned at least – is the second box labelled “Last Name”. In this, they write YOUR NAME. That’s how we know you recommended them – and hence how we know it’s you who’s recommended the most new subscribers and thusly deserves to win a prize.

We actually have – not one – but three prizes! The person who gets the most people to sign up wins the first prize, the person who recommends the second most new subscribers gets the second prize, and – you can’t probably guess the rest.

First prize:   Luxury Christmas Humper worth ££.00s

Second prize:   Six-bottle case of Champagne-like booze

Third prize:   Boring old Appleberry football scarf in the colours of your team of choice

Closing date: December 18.

So what are you waiting for? Simply cut and paste the link and instructions below, mail them to everyone you know, and sit back and wait for your prize to accrue.

For reasons I am not presently at liberty to divulge, I need you to sign up to some stupid insurance industry newsletter (you can’t always unsubscribe again in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied).

Here’s what you must do…

Go to:

Then complete the sign-up form as follows:

Field 1:   fill in your email address
Field 2:   fill in your name (optional)
Field 3:   fill in my name (first and last names) (not optional: important)

Then Click Subscribe

That’s it.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in this important matter.


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