Having a bunch of your stuff nicked out of your car can be a drag at any time of year, warns M&S Bank, but at Christmas it’s really a major bummer. In fact, new research from M&S shows conclusively that it can “even potentially ruin your Christmas.”

M&S has identified “hustle and bustle” as a major problem at this time of year – one that can lead shoppers to deposit an initial haul of newly purchased gift-type materialistic excess in their car boots before trundling off in search of more. The average yuletide shopper’s boot, M&S exclusively reveal, contains around £263 worth of stuff. So if you are thinking about breaking into someone else’s car, there really couldn’t be a better time to do it!

What shoppers don’t realise is that their insurance may not cover a bootful of booty (obviously we’re not talking about Beyoncé type booty here, although it probably won’t cover that either). If you are even thinking about taking your car out shopping, M&S warn, you must call your insurer immediately to check how they will view any claim you think you might want to make.

What you really need is M&S car insurance, which offers £200 cover for personal stuff, PLUS an extra £300 for things you have bought in M&S stores. This is why you should buy M&S car insurance and also do all of your Christmas shopping in M&S stores.

If you are worried about suffering a car boot booty snatch (in a non-rude sense, clearly), M&S offers the following advice on protecting yourself:

1. Make sure you lock you car – even if you are really busy – because “walking away without taking two seconds to double check could have severe consequences”

2. Don’t park in a really dark place where thieves are likely to be prowling furtively

3. Hide everything in your car – including your sat nav and radio – they’ll never guess it’s all stashed in the boot and the glove box!

4. Keep your receipts – insurers will give you short shrift if they’ve been nicked along with the goods

5. Do that thing we mentioned earlier about phoning and asking ‘just supposing I were to be claiming for a bunch of stuff nicked out of my boot…’

6. Make sure you put everything on a credit card – they may pay out if your insurer doesn’t

7. Get an M&S credit card

8. Choose M&S car insurance

9. Shop at M&S

That’s it! Follow these simple rules and your Christmas won’t be ruined by uninsured theftage from your vehicle. And remember: M&S car insurance and shop at M&S!

Something like this (click on image above) could still ruin your Christmas though


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