Don’t be deceived by the grinning shiny-cheeked imp pictured alongside his profile on the Direct Lime Group website (as Bankstone News, very nearly was), DLG’s Head of Claims, Steve Madcock is not a happy man.

Post Magazine somehow managed to penetrate a recent session of secretive insider policy-influencing cabal the All-Night Party Parliamentary Group for Insurance and Financial Services (APPGIFS), and reported that a steamed-up Steve recalled that the Group – APPGIFS, that is, not the Direct Lie Group (DLG), we think – had been “assured that the new fixed costs regime would be implemented as a package by April”.

Given that there now seems a very real prospect of civil justice “reforms” not being implemented before the latter part of 2013, Steve’s getting more than a little frustrated with all this pussy-footed fannying about. He reckons the industry could be saving a cool £1m per day once the changes come in and hence is understandably keen for HMG to get on and do as it’s told.

“If there is a delay” Steve noted darkly, “we need to know why.” The expectation is that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will now be called before the APPGIFS to explain just what the hell he thinks he’s playing at.


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