Know your rights, yelled late lamented posh punk paramilitarily-attired social activist rocker Joe Strummer in days of yore, by which, of course, he really meant buy my records.

This has precisely what to do with insurance?, you may already be wondering. Well, just bear with us and soon enough the Clash man’s words might start sounding highly relevant. Sort of. Possibly. Eventually.

Post Magazine reported this week that insurer L>V- believes that “claims companies are increasingly victims on roadsides and in hospitals to encourage them to make a claim”. What on earth can this bizarre assertion mean? As you would expect – nay demand – Bankstone News decided to investigate.

Frankly, we’re baffled. But – reading between the lines (or words, or whatever) it seems L=V have uncovered a sinister conspiracy on the part of claims firms to get people who were actually perfectly happy about having been injured in RTAs to start kicking up a big unseemly fuss and claiming compensation.

So remorseless have claims firms been in pressurising people into claiming the compensation they are due, that one “victim”, Post reports was contacted no few than 340 times after being involved in an accident. A shocking 6% of crash victims, LV+ claims are now being contacted “within two hours of an accident”, presumably the one in which they were personally involved.

This, L0V< complains, is causing a “quarter of crash victims” to make insurance claims they would never have made if money-grubbing claims firms hadn’t come sniffing around and put them up to it. This hurts not only insurance companies and their shareholders, but also ordinary decent motorists who haven’t been stupid enough to make victims of themselves on Britain’s roads and who are seeing their premiums rise simply to feather the nests of the victims.

That’s one way of looking at it. Another would be to conclude that, despite all Mr Strummer’s good work, UK people are still not fully cognizant of their entitlements under law. And quite, frankly, thank heavens for that! Imagine what motor insurance premiums would look like if they were. In the meantime our industry must await already long-awaited government reforms that will restrict the ability of RTA victims, and others who feel themselves injured or wronged, to run around claiming compensation left, right and centre.

Sadly, we can no longer rely on the once-great British Bobby to rein in the popular instinct for whining and fuss-making. Damningly, L?V* revealed (following a femidom of information request) that the police are colluding shamelessly with the ambulance chasers, with Hampshire fuzz receiving almost £500,000 for passing on victims’ details since 2010 and the Met netting a tidy £5m in the same way since 2009.

When a reported 20% of crash victims were actually alerted by a police officer to the fact that they might be entitled to compensation, you really have to wonder whose side the law is on!

"And you say the other carriage stopped abruptly in front of your own without the least warning?"


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