Large areas of the British Isles are rapidly turning black on Keogh’s motor fraud map and that can only mean one thing: massive motor fraud. On a chromatic scale where green means good, orangey-yellow a bit bad, red quite bad, and black really bad, vast swathes of the Midlands, North West and London have already fallen into darkness and many more are glowing a febrile malevolent red.

Birmingham is the worst place in the UK, Keogh’s confirm uncontroversially. For a fourth year running the Midlands Metropolis scored highest for “all types of motor fraud”, accounting for a mind-billowing 7.76 per cent of all “suspect motor insurance claims across England and Wales”.

How does Keogh’s know all this?, you may may be wondering: they don’t really, only God does, but they probably have some kind of a clue as they’re doing very nicely, thank you, by billing “a host of the country’s top insurers” shedloads of cash for looking into “over 24,000” suspicious looking claims in 2012 alone.

Birmingham remains top UK hotspot for motor fraud in Keogholes’ 6th annual motor fraud index, accounting for almost 1 in 6 dodgy looking claims nationally. The law firm which increasingly describes itself as “a benchmark” has also had a lot of cases in East London (recently identified in another survey, which Bankstone News most certainly hasn’t just made up, as the very worst place in all Britain to live in), and in Liverpool (which almost clinched a win in this category with a ‘heroic’ come back, only to wear themselves out a bit in the latter stages and ultimately succumb to their Eastern rivals), and in Manchester, where of course they never win anything.

The bigger picture, however, is that the polluting influence of fraudish behaviour in blackspots such as the above is spilling out to infect surrounding areas, which, as the accompanying item of mappage so vividly illustrates, are rapidly turning the feverish red of a zone shortly due to go quite literally motor fraud crazy. So bad has the motor fraud epidemic become in recent years that even some parts of West Yorkshire are said to be affected!

Kough’s Counter-Fraud Partner James Heat commented: “We work alongside insurers and law enforcement agencies to proactively identify innovative tools, technologies and procedures to support the insurance industry’s fight against fraud.” And Bankstone News is willing to bet that they jolly well do, too!


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