It’s not just whiplash claimants who are willfully pushing up the price of insurance for everyone else. Oh, Deary Me, no! There’s other culprits aplenty besides. Not the least of whom are all those meerkat-loving premium increase dodgers who allow themselves to be tempted by the gaudily childish ads of price comparison sites. Faithless turncoats, the lot of them – ship-hopping vermin who’ll switch insurers at the drop of a few measly premium pence (and/or several hundred quid, as the case may be).

Tenorcidal comaprisoneers put out a press release this week complaining that – according to their latest “research” – one in three UK drivers (gasp) simply “allows their insurance to renew” at the end of the year. That’s at least, 8.7 million motorists who have definitely not taken advantage of the switch-abetting services that and their pals so noisily tout. Imagine: that’s as many comparison shirking motorists – in the UK alone – as there are species of living creatures on the planet. Oh Dear, this is awful – what a scandal, you are probably thinking.

A scandal? WTF are you talking about? Are you for real? Why, you pathetically misguided excuse for a reader of online newsletters! It is absolutely right and proper that motor insurance policyholders should stick with their incumbent providers, for as long as they both shall live ideally.

To do otherwise cruelly deprives the insurance company of the opportunity to nudge your premiums up a tad over time to the point where, eventually, they have just about made up for the unrealistically low price they quoted to attract your business in the first place. If you rush off into the cut-price embrace of another insurer, they’ll have to find other ways of making money – and that puts upward pressure on everyone else’s premiums.

So don’t fall for cheap promises that you’ll be better off for spending an hour or two clicking and key-clicking your way through the countless data-hungry screens that lurk behind the smiling face of those comparison sites. You may be – but at what price?!

And don’t let yourself be brow-beaten or shamed into comparing. What is it to you if make fun of the the 29% of auto-renewers who did so because their insurer was cheapest last time so they “thought they would offer good value at renewal” or the pitiful fools (or so they’d have you believe) who did so “out of loyalty to the insurer” (28%). Are you the kind of person who fears the mean-spirited mockery of comparisoneers?!

Commenting on this latest research, Ned Kelly, head of motor services at, said “the best advice is to shop around.” Don’t listen to him, Reader!


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