Ethnic floaty dress specialists BIBA were aflush this week with the runaway success of an exciting new initiative which, it claims, will enable people – even old people – to source appropriate insurance cover via insurance brokers!

Following a ‘landmark agreement’ between BIBA the ABI and the Government, brokers will no longer simply turn away old people who they can’t or can’t be bothered to help – but will actually tell them where to go. Technically this is known as ‘signposting’.

BIBA members have sworn a solemn pledge to suggest to old people who come sniffing around for motor or travel insurance or whatever that they could try – shock – using another broker. Specifically, brokers have agreed to refer unwanted inquirers to BIBA’s state of the art “Find a Broker” (FaB) service.

This enables users – however decrepit – to find a broker who may be able to help them with their niche insurance requirements – however bizarre. Amazingly, the FaB web app reveals that there are at least four UK brokers willing to help people aged 86 and over to find motor insurance.

To you or I, that might seem absurdly irresponsible. But Equality Minister Theresa May insisted this week: “I fully support the work the ABI and BIBA are doing to make it easier for older people to get motor and travel insurance. This is a great example of businesses working with government to tackle discrimination.”

In actual fact, BIBA’s FaB is not just for old people. Say you live in the City of London, you are not specifically old and you simply want to insure your motorcycle. All you have to do is type in your post code, select Motor and then Motor Cycle from the pull-down menus on screen, and, within seconds, you will learn that, on your very doorstep, both Marsh Ltd of 1 Tower Place and Affinitive Insurance Brokers Ltd of Zetland House, Scrutton Street are ready and willing to help.

In a press release earlier this week, BIBA revealed that there has been a staggering 200% increase in the number of people phoning or clicking through to its innovative “Find a Broker’ service in the past year. This clearly proves that the whole signposting thing – officially launched on 5 April – is proving a run away success.


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