The lastest scandal to rock the world of UK motor insurance was unveiled this week, when consumer champions laid bare the shocking truth about protected no claims discounts. Apparently they are not the same as not actually making any claims and are sometimes not very good value.

Unless you are planning on claiming in year one of a protected NCD following five-years claim free, warned, you might well be better off without. If you leave it til Year 3 to claim, claim, you can expect to be an average £25 worse off than if you hadn’t bothered paying to protect your NCD. But it varies a lot from one provider to the next.

“Having reached the Holy Grail of five years no claims discount,” explained Pete Harrison of, “many motorists will be reluctant to run the risk of losing it and may consider paying extra to protect it.” This may or may not, reveal, be a good idea.

It all gets a bit technical, but the main thing, appparently, is to shop around.

“If you are looking to protect your no claims discount, shop around for the best deal available for your circumstances,” Pete says, “and if you do find a better deal with another provider, you can take your no claims bonus with you.”

Who would have thought it?


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