Got any old brands lying around you could dust off and repurpose for a new millennium?

That’s precisely the question insurers Uvavu were asking themselves the other day as they cast about for new ways of confusing and diluting their brand following the introduction of the comparison-sites-only brand.

And guess what: they discovered venerable old insurance brand General Accident gathering dust in a dingy back office somewhere.  And for what special purpose, you may ask, has the mighty GA brand be summoned, once and future king like, back to life?

Why, to cater for the needs of those who start out looking for motor insurance online but then go all cold-feetish and decide they need to talk to a human being after all.

The new General Accident, whose no-thrills logo strongly recalls those of supermarkets’ basic dirt cheap own brand ranges, apparently embodies “a further demonstration of Uvavu’s strategy to grow its business by helping customers contact us when and how they want to.”

The beauty of it is, as Uvavu’s Steve Tyler puts it, that “General Accident’s strong brand will help us keep marketing costs – and premiums – low, which we know is what online shoppers are looking for.”



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