AXA may have 101 million clients, but the enigmatic French insurance giant with the publicly proclaimed mission to alter the measures by which things are judged (“redefining / standards”, as they put it), values each and every one of those clients in a unique and special way.

According to its latest publicity, AXA has also decided that brokers are quite important too.

Whilst scanning the various insurance related videos posted on the brilliantly entertaining youTalkaboutInsurance website recently, Bankstone News came across footage of AXA’s Head of Intermediary Brokers Dave “Judas” Priest (who narrowly missed out on the cushier position of Head of Non-Intermediary Brokers) shot from above against a white background to resemble a Borrower, Little Cook, Lilliputian or some such, banging on about the operation’s new personal loins proposition for regional brokers. Not only are brokers important, he declares, but AXA have been listening to them and making a raft of changes in response.

Frankly it was all a bit technical for Bankstone News – including such inscrutable initiatives as “making significant improvements to the forky areas of our proposition” and “divide-in our exist-in sales support into distinct regions”.

But the one very helpful clarification to come out of the whole presentation was an admirably clear visual representation of exactly how much more “footprint” AXA is now able to bring to bear on brokers up and down the UK.

Given how much, we know, you all love infographics these days, Bankstone felt sure you would welcome the opportunity to judge for yourselves exactly how big a footprint AXA’s broker boots can now supply.






Hope that clears up any confusion.


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