Each year Bankstone’s crack cakes-and-coffee tasting team, descends on the BIBA conference to put a selection of pies, pastries, pasties etc through their paces in a quest to find the Conference Caterer Exhibitionists of the Year.

We had a little trouble this year, inadvertently parking in the far flung “Orange Zone”, wandering around lost for a bit and accidentally sitting a three-hour Sociology exam before finally reaching the correct corner of the ExCess conference centre in which to set to to sampling.

The ultimate winner of our exhaustively researched award for a truly outstanding combination of top-quality coffee and Danish pastries goes to Arag, on whose stand a genuine “barrister” was on site to brew up a wide selection of damned fine coffee.

Presumably he was one of the many members of the legal professionals now seeking alternative employment in the wake of LASPO.

They even served something called a Flat White – presumably named in tribute to BIBA’s effervescent new CEO.



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