It’s an ill wind that blows no good. That would certainly be a fair description of the trouser gusts around the Bankstone News office this morning following a heavy session down the Badgerbaiter’s Arms followed by a slapabout meat feast at the Taste of Gandhi last night. But our present purpose in invoking that well worn proverbial formulation is by way of introducing the edifying tale of how one ingenious law firm has identified a potentially lucrative niche market arising from the Government’s recent moves to force cut-price so-called legal services on those seeking compensation for personal injuries.

Given that it is no longer economically viable for proper lawyers to handle PI claims, reasoned canny Yorkshire firm Emsleeves, there’s going to be lots of people out there feeling let down, hard done by, more than mildly peaved etc. Cue the launch of Emsleeves’ new “Review My Claim” service (Branded on the ever popular first-person model ever popularised by brands such as My Little Pony, My First Baby Annabel, My First Workbench, Quote Me Sideways etc) which offers ‘Specialist help for the victims of substandard lawyers’.

Emsleeves Partner Andrew Grebe-Wood says he came up with the idea when he heard about “a case where an RTA victim had been left wheelchair-bound and received just £5,000”, decided that didn’t sound right, and began thinking about the long term effects of the Government’s clamping down on legal fees, which he says will “only increase with the Jackson reforms coming in. Now anyone who is unhappy with the legal service they are getting or have got can turn to “Review My Claim” and hopefully provide some work for Mr Grebe-Wood and his colleagues.

Inspired by this inspired act of entrepreneurositude, Bankstone News is now working on plans for a service called “Review My Spam” which will take a totally free no-obligations look at any unsolicited nonsense emails its customers receive and see if we can replace them with something more nonsensical – or should that be less sensical? You get the general idea. Investment opportunities available for anyone who would like to get in on the ground floor, so to speak.



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