The British BIBA Association has (metaphorically) rolled out a big red carpet and unveiled a flashing neon welcome sign in anticipation of recently announced ‘tougher penalties’ for persons found motoring without valid motoring insurance.

“This is excellent news and can only help us sell more motor insurance,” a BIBA spokesperson was probably thinking.

In a press release issued this week, BIBA man Graeme Trudgel was quick to claim full credit for the increase in fixed penaltiies from £200 to £300 announced by Transport Minister Richard Hammond earlier this week. Keen to show that the broker body’s lobbying clout is in no way inferior to that wielded by insurer groups who recently got the government to ban personal injury claims, Trudgel made clear how this harsh new regime came about.

“We recently discussed increasing the sanctions for those caught driving without insurance with Stephen Hammond and we’re pleased that he has announced a tougher stance which should act as a deterrent”, noted Trudgel in a sentence refreshingly free of punctuation, pauses for breath etc.

“Uninsured driving is a scourge” (see below) “on our roads costing honest motorists around £30 per policy,” he said, adding that: “uninsured drivers are also five times more likely to be involved in road collisions, fail to comply with traffic laws, or be engaged in other criminal activity.” They also probably wear ugly clothes, have stupid haircuts, swear a lot and, in short, deserve everything that is coming to them.

But perhaps it’s not too late to turn some of these individuals around and redirect them to the path of righteousness. The threat of that extra £100 penalty, could yet make all the difference.

Probably not, though.




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