The award for perplexing headline of the week this week goes to The Independent for reporting in big letters: Thousands uninsured by ghost car brokers.

Who are these car brokers? Are they really ghosts? If so, how can we be sure it’s them doing all this uninsuring? What does uninsuring somebody actually involve? Frankly it’s making Bankstone News’ head hurt.

The source of this bothersome headline appears to have been a press release issued by insurer L0V= who have apparently identified ‘more than 60 fraud rings’ involved in uninsurance scams.

Whether these rings are all separate or to some extent overlapping, perhaps like a Venn diagram or the Olympics logo, or like a smallish suit of chain mail, or maybe like the chaotic overlapment of beer and coffee stains on the Bankstone News desk, is not made clear.

But, assuming a ring, in any meaningful sense, would need at least five people in it (otherwise it would be a triangle or a square or something), there could be as many as 300 – possibly many more – ghost car brokers out there and it’s a wonder they haven’t uninsured even more people by now.

After having so much trouble with the headline, Bankstone News couldn’t face reading much further. But perhaps the story went something like this.

ghostly rings


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