Car sales publication Auto Express made the extraordinary claim this week that motor insurance is not all about price. According to Auto Excess chief editor Steve Fowl, “price isn’t everything,” (see, told you) “as many people find out when they try to make a claim.” Not the telling use of the word try, there.

Acting on this realisation, Auto Expressions have carried out an in-depth survey of things about insurance firms other than price and have come to some startling conclusions. Not only are farmers the most likely people to express satisfaction with their motor insurers, but also Diamond, who make “motor insurance shaped for girls” by throwing in handbag cover, are rather less than shiny when it comes to customer service.

In one sense Diamond have simply been unlucky with Auto Extras’ sample size. If they had stopped at 39, the infamous Swiftcover would have been the worst motor insurance provider. If they’d gone on scraping the barrel to get to 41, it would presumably have been someone else. But 40’s where they stopped, so Diamond is stuck with the unwanted accolade of Britain’s worst for all-round satisfaction.

NFU Mutual were adjudged top dogs, RSA did OK at four, three places above M&S, who live for satisfaction, which has to count for something. Other poor performers were Sheila’s Heels, Hastings and Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Choosing the right insurer that offers the right balance of value and service is vital for car owners,” says Auto Steve, and who could possibly argue with that!


…but will they still be ‘smiling’ if they ‘try’ to make a claim?!


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