Have you booked your team’s place yet for the 2013 Insurance Endurance karting event?

No, seriously, Have you?

This isn’t some kind of rhetorical question. We really want to know.

Because if you haven’t, you had jolly well better do so at once.

For the benefit of anyone who’s failed to pay proper attention to recent previous editions of Bankstone News (borderline unforgivable), this year’s Ensurance Indurance takes place at Daytona Milton Keynes on Friday 13 September 2013.

For more details see our full write-up here.

For fewer details, stop reading at once and try to forget what you have just read.

For a first-class Indian meal next time you are in Brighouse, why not try the uniquely exclusive ambience of The Taste of Gandhi, next to the 50p shop on Backalley Way.



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