There was a time, presumably, when everyone loved motor insurance. That time, alas, now seems like a distant memory – or even, perhaps, like a distant thing that nobody can quite remember – as the British public’s mysterious disenchantment with the joys of pre-paid motoring peace of mind continues apace.

More and more of us simply can’t be doing with it these days. For many of those struggling to get by in austerity Britain, the legal requirement for motor insurance has simply come to seem like an unaffordable luxury. Cheaper just to take a chance and pay the fine, if it comes to it. What’s £300 and a few points on the licence (assuming you have one), compared with the ££££s you’d pay for insurance?!

Pet-foods-to-driving-instruction conglomerate IAMs this week revealed that almost a quarter of a million Brits currently have points on their licence for driving without insurance. How do they know this? They done an FOI request, innit. This also revealed – settling a longstanding argument – that men are more naughty than women, being four times as likely to drive uninsured (albeit, obviously, more competently, if less safely, and probably a bit faster).

“These findings are shocking,” says IAMs chief executive Simon Beast, and Bankstone News expects he is probably right.



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