Alright, we’ve tried doing this the nice way.

But you wouldn’t listen, would you?

Well, you’re going to have to listen now, you… you… uncharitable swine!

Let Bankstone News be absolutely clear about this:

From now on there’s no more Mr Nice Guy.

Oh, no!

We’re not asking, we’re telling you to go immediately to our justgiving page and donate generously (or even slightly parsimoniously, if you must) to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA), for whose thoroughly deserving sake we all spent an entire August weekend traipsing round Yorkshire on stupid little monkey bikes.

Do you imagine we do this for fun every year?

Well do you?

OK, fun might come into it to some marginal degree.

But, all the same: just imagine how much better you’ll feel about your miserable self if you get online now and send a few quid to the YAA, who are, after all, out, day in day out, come rain or shine, performing their helicopter heroics, saving lives and generally making things better.

You know it makes sense.

YAA Lance JJP_8063

Humanoids pose with YAA mascot Hannibal the Helicopter


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