If you thought this week’s other stories were dull, wait til you get a load of this one! The ruck-ruck-ruck of dull metal on damp splintered wood fills the Bankstone News offices this week as we doggedly scrape and re-scrape the very bottom of the motor insurance news barrel.

The latest pitiful morsel we’ve dredged up is the shock finding that quite a few people have driven at some point without a valid MOT.

Our old friends (they’ll claim they’ve never heard of us – but don’t believe them) at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traitors (or ‘Smut’ as they’re affectionate known) “revealed” this week that “one third of UK motorists have knowingly driven a car without a valid MOT”.

Unwisely in retrospect, we sourced this story from a version we found in Insurance Times, whose reporting initially confused the hell out of Bankstone News. “A study of 1,000 motorists across the country found that 67% had driven for up to a week without an MOT, 7% for up to six months and 2% for more than six months,” the paper reported. How does that equate to “one third” driving without a valid MOT?, we wondered.

It was only after consulting Smut’s own website, and finding the crucial “of those that have driven a car without a valid MOT” excised by Insurance Times from in front of that figure of 67%, that statistical sense and order returned to Bankstone News’ world. If only other publications could show the same tyreless attention to detail as Bankstone Newt!

The research also proved, yet again, that men are worse (a bit) than wo-men, that those in the South East are worse (marginally) than those in other parts of the country, and that young people are worse (infinitely) than old people.

Perhaps we’ll have some proper news next week. Or not.



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