Bodyshop Mag has many virtues. Sadly, a basic proficiency in the use of the English language is not among them. In its latest bid to clinch the cack-handed headline of the month award, it this week offered up “British most unloved drivers revealed.”

The story that followed imparted the worrying information that Bankstone’s good friends at bike sales overlords have fallen victim to the prevailing obsession with popularity – and begun carrying out surveys asking which of Britain’s drivers are the most and least loved.

Shockingly, one such survey revealed that people who drive “executive cars” are not very popular. “The British publish are split right down the middle when it comes to luxury cars,” spokesperson Robin Grapplehard noted pithily: “either you hate them, [or, presumably you hate the people driving them, if we are still talking about drivers not cars] or you own one.”

With the negligible exception of people who may have owned something like a Jaguar X-type and both owned and hated an “executive car” simultaneously, this observation is almost certainly true.

“There is probably a bit of jealousy at play here” Robin concludes. This must also be true. Surely not all executive car drivers can be “rude” and “arrogant” as survey respondents suggest!

When asked which professions most got up their noses, respondents to the survey cited “sales executives”, taxi drivers and delivery drivers. They also seemed to think that “boy racer” and “school run mum” count as professions. So maybe there’s hope for insurance broking yet!

Least loved of all are BMW drivers, with Audi drivers in second and Range Roverers in third. Bizarrely, also reveal that despite having gone out of production in 2005, Rover 75s remain among Britain’s most despised vehicles.

In next week’s Bankstone News: British most unloved tea biscuits.



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