Contrary to popular belief, the vital business skill of networking has nothing whatever to do with crafting rope, twine, string etc into a light-weight lattice-like structure within which to ensnare passing objects, clothe shapely limbs, etc.

On the contrary, it is all about cornering the maximum number of hapless persons with whom one might potentially do profitable business in the least possible time and subjecting them to a) a well-rehearsed elevator speech, b) your not inconsiderable person charm and wit, c) an offer they simply cannot refuse, or any combination of the foregoing.

Networking is a great thing to do. It really is. But the thing is: you have to be in the right place at the right time to do it. Ideally, you should also be with the right people. It’s no good just kicking off with some heavy-duty networking down at Budgens in the middle of the afternoon. Don’t expect to get results at 2am in top Gants Hill nightspot Faeces. Why would you?

No, if you want to do some truly productive networking, the place to be is the Daytona Milton Keynes kart track, and the time to do it is on Friday 13th September. Gathered there, on that very day, will be anyone who is anyone in the world of motor insurance. Plus one or two who aren’t – so don’t worry about feeling out of place.

With 30 teams of top motor insurance people and their guests, and up to eight people in each team, there’ll be an average of 7 times 30 people who are not sitting in a turbocharged lawnmower hareing round the twisting tarmac track at any given time and therefore (allowing for those on a comfort break etc) you’ll have around 200 hand-picked networking targets at your very fingertips, just ready and waiting for you to move in with your clinching move.

If you can’t pick up some useful contacts at the 2013 Insurance Endurance event, you might actually be better off at Faeces after all. You’re sure to pick something up there.

The entry price of £850 plus VAT for a team of up to 8 drivers (discounts for more than one team) includes breakfast on arrival, refreshments throughout the day, barbecue lunch and official Event T-Shirts.

Don’t miss out! Reserve your team’s place on the grid today by calling Mark at Daytona Milton Keynes on 0845 644 550

For further details see our full write-up here.



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