The entire driver licensing system is on the verge of falling into disrepute. That was the shock conclusion of the latest stats-based attempt to gain some column inches from pet-food-to-driving-advice conglomerate IAMs this week. Having 12, 15 or, say, 30 points on your licence appears to be no real impediment to continued happy motoring in today’s raving bonkers Britain.

In this topsy turvy world of rampant law floutage, shameless citizens continue to ply their pursuit of willy nilly car use in flat defiance of any number of official indications that maybe they shouldn’t really be doing so.

According to figures IAMs have somehow wrung from the limp sponge that is the DVLA, top prize for two-fingering the roadly authorities goes to Woman from Isleworth in South West London, who is still merrily tootling about with dozens of points on her licence, having run up no fewer than 42 last year alone – all for refusing to say who was driving each time she got done for speeding. If you live in the area you may have spotted her zooming back and forth in that highly distinctive gorilla mask.

Second prize goes to Man from dismal North-West non-town Warrington who helped to prove exactly how effective the current Draconian crack-down on driving uninsured is turning out to be by running up an impressive 36 points after getting done for driving without insurance on no fewer than six occasions between 20 February and 2 March 2012. For all Bankstone News, knows he’s probably still at it.

IAMs are suggesting that improvements may be needed to the way in which the DVLA and the Courts Service share information, and hope that upgrading of their shared computer systems later this year may prove helpful in this regard. “Drivers must expect that 12 points means a ban,” says IAMs spokesman Simon Beast, “or the whole system falls into disrepute.”

God forbid it should ever come to that!



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