When Phil Biles was chosen, on an interim basis, to fill the vacuum created in Uvavu’s management ranks by the momentous departure of Janice Deakin back in April, many feared he might struggle to fill the gap she’d left behind.

Turns out he fits it very nicely. Uvavu head honch ‘Rockin’ Robin Spencer confirmed this week that Biles has done a great job filling Deakin’s shoes and can have the Intermediary and Partnerships (I’n’P) Director gig for keeps.

Some might wonder exactly where brokers now sit ‘vizavi’ the yellow insurer’s UKGI strategy. But Spence is ready with an emphatic answer: “The broker market remains at the heart of our UKGI strategy.”

What role has PB played in developing and executing Uvavu’s strategy for remaining committed to the broker market ? Once again, Spence has a ready answer (in fact, it’s kind of the same answer): “Phil has been at the heart of developing and executing this strategy.”

Biles adds a comment of his own to his appointment press release: “I feel very honoured to be given the opportunity to lead a really strong team with a well deserved market reputation,” he says, being careful not to specify exactly what that reputation is for.

Rather sweetly, he adds: “We aspire to be number one for our brokers and business partners in all that we do and that mission will continue to drive us forward.”*

Forward is certainly a great direction to get driven in, and Bankstone News would like to take this opportunity to wish PB every success in his new role as a permanent fixture.



* Fans of rank hypocrisy may wish to glance quickly at the animated statement beginning “Committed…” that appears periodically towards the top right corner of the web page they are current looking at.

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