Women, eh? What are they like!

Sadly, Bankstone News has never really had much of a chance to find out. But they seem nice.

They’re not quite like other people, though, are they.

One of the weird things about women is that they are around 135 million times more likely to recommend their current motor insurer than men are.

Mystery shopping firm Consumer Intelligence asked some people about their current motor insurer and whether they would recommend them.

The results were literally stunning.

The average likelihood of women recommending their insurer was “5.9” whereas the chance of men recommending theirs was “-3.4”, which may very well mean, for all Bankstone News knows or cares, that the average man would actually ‘warn against’ rather than recommend their motor insurer.

Interestingly (humour us here), ladies like brands like Uvavu (bold bright yellows are clearly in this season), the Post Office and Direct Line (racy yet classic red and black colourways from both), whereas blokes prefer tougher manly marques like RSA, RAC and Zurich with no more than two syllables.

Ian Huge of Consumer Intelligence notes that, now the EU Gander Directive has prevented firms attracting women on price, they need to do something else to reel them in. Quite so, and what is it they are doing?

Seems nobody’s too clear about that as yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.



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